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Article: Do I Need a Top Sheet?

do i need a top sheet

Do I Need a Top Sheet?

While the right choice of bed linens is personal, the question "do I need a top sheet?" pops up among potential customers exploring the value of different sheet types. The Answer? The necessity of a top sheet can vary from person to person.

With this in mind, we'll delve into their benefits, materials to consider, and a few of our top sheet sets (all of which come with an all-too-handy flat sheet, perfect for a top sheet), so you can make the right choice for you.

Let's begin!

What this article covers:

What Is a Top Sheet?

Firstly, what are top sheets? A top sheet, also known as a flat sheet (for those of you comparing top sheet vs flat sheet), is a type of bedding that is placed between the sleeper and the comforter, duvet, or blanket.

It's a rectangular piece of fabric that's hemmed on all sides, and its primary purpose is to provide a barrier between the sleeper and other bedding layers, offering an additional layer of coverage and visual appeal.

Do You Really Need a Top Sheet?

The need for a top sheet largely hinges on personal preference, the climate in which you live, and your willingness to maintain a multi-layered bed set. With that said, there are several benefits to using one, which you may want to consider.

top sheet or no top sheet

Our array of flat sheets at California Design Den offers a gentle, breathable layer, crafted with high thread count ensuring a soft and luxurious feel, making the addition of a top sheet a worthwhile consideration.

The Benefits of a Top Sheet


A top sheet acts as a barrier between your body and the duvet or comforter, keeping them cleaner for longer. It catches sweat, oils, and dead skin cells, which can be easily washed away since top sheets are much easier to launder regularly compared to bulkier bedding items.

Temperature Regulation

A top sheet provides a breathable layer that can help regulate your body temperature. In warmer weather, it can be used as a lighter cover, while in colder weather, it adds an extra layer of warmth.

Bed Appearance

Our findings show that a top sheet can contribute to a more polished look when the bed is made, offering a neat and tidy appearance.


The softness of a high-thread-count top sheet can add to your comfort, creating a pleasant feel against your skin as you sleep. For example, our 600-thread count cotton king size flat sheet are soft and gentle to the touch.

Bedding Longevity

By reducing direct contact with the duvet or comforter, a top sheet can extend the life of these items by protecting them from body oils and sweat, which can degrade the fabric over time.

top sheet or no top sheet

Top Sheet Materials

When it comes to top sheets, the material is an important factor as it can influence comfort, breathability, and longevity. Our research indicates that different materials offer unique characteristics to suit your needs—some being eco-friendly, and others focusing on coolness.

Organic cotton and bamboo sateen stand out among the top options. Here's why:

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a natural fiber known for its softness and durability. It's an excellent choice for top sheets as it promotes a comfortable sleep environment by wicking away moisture and allowing heat to escape, keeping you cool during warmer nights.

Furthermore, organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it a planet-friendly choice.

At California Design Den, our organic cotton percale sheets embody these attributes, offering a clean, non-toxic, and chemical-free sleeping surface.

Bamboo Sateen

Based on our observations, bamboo sateen is a material derived from bamboo fibers but undergoes a process that renders it a man-made fiber. It's known for its silky smooth texture, moisture-wicking properties, and a slight sheen that exudes a luxe appeal, making for a welcome top-sheet option.

Transform your sleep experience with our bamboo bedsheets.

Sheet Sets with Top Sheets

Twin Bed Sheets Set

When it comes to twin bed sheets set, we offer a range of options. Each one is a perfect fit for standard twin-sized beds. These sheets, which include a 1 flat sheet designed with a single pleat hem, are suitable for kids' rooms or dormitories. Their diverse color palette and thread counts, ranging from 400 to 800, make them a top choice.

Extra Long Twin Sheets

For those with slightly longer beds, the extra long twin sheets are a match. Also tailored for dorm room mattresses, these sheets provide the extra length needed for Twin XL beds without compromising on craftsmanship.

twin extra long sheets

Sateen Sheet Set

The sateen sheet set stands out for its luxurious feel. The 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen set not only adds a touch of glamor to bedrooms but also comes Standard 100 & OEKO Tex-certified, ensuring a health-conscious and comfortable sleep.

Purple Bed Sheet Set

The purple bed sheet set from California Design Den stands out not just for its vibrant color but also for its quality. Unlike synthetic microfiber sheets, these sheets are made from 100% cotton, which is breathable, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free. This ensures no harmful toxins are present in the bed sheets.


While the addition of a top sheet boils down to personal preference, using one can certainly ensure better hygiene, improved temperature control, and increased mattress longevity.

Ultimately, a top sheet gives a bed a refined look with all the upside.

At California Design Den, our assortment of high-quality flat sheets is a perfect place to find your next top sheet! Browse our online store today to find the right one for you.

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