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Article: Do Sheets Go Over Mattress Toppers?

do sheets go over mattress toppers

Do Sheets Go Over Mattress Toppers?

Experiencing trouble with your bedding setup can often lead to a common question: do sheets go over mattress toppers?

In this guide, we'll explore whether sheets should be placed over mattress toppers or not, and how to properly arrange your bedding to ensure a comfortable and hygienic sleep environment.

So without further delay, let's jump into the setup!

What this article covers:

Should You Put a Sheet Over a Mattress Topper or Underneath It?

Typically, when you use a mattress topper, you should place your fitted sheet over it just as you would with a mattress without a topper.

A fitted sheet will not only keep the topper in place but also provide a layer between you and the topper, which can help maintain cleanliness and extend the topper's lifespan. Further, this arrangement also provides a barrier to trap warmth, offering a cozy sleep environment.

Some people find that they may need to purchase deep-pocketed sheets to accommodate the additional height of the mattress topper.

How to Arrange Your Bedding with a Mattress Topper

Arranging your bedding with a mattress topper involves multiple layers for comfort, protection, and aesthetics. Each layer, from the topper to the blankets, plays a unique role in creating an inviting sleep sanctuary.

fitted sheet with mattress topper

Here's how to go about dressing your mattress:


First, place a mattress topper directly on top of your mattress. You may ask, do you need a top sheet? We say yes. Our findings show that it serves as a comfort layer. It can adjust the firmness, provide extra cushioning, or even add a cooling effect to your bed.

Toppers come in various materials like memory foam, latex, or down feathers, each with its unique benefits and considerations—whether you suffer from back pain or overheat while you sleep.

How to put on a top sheet? Spread it evenly across the bed, aligning the top edge with the top of the mattress and ensuring that the sides drape equally on both sides of the bed. Tuck in the sides under the mattress for a neat finish.

Our plush pillow-top mattress topper can help ease an overly firm mattress!


After placing a topper for added comfort, a mattress pad is next. Our research indicates that it serves as a protective barrier, safeguarding your topper and mattress from spills and stains. While providing slight cushioning, it can extend the longevity of your bedding by defending against everyday wear and tear.

Pads often have a fitted sheet design, making them easy to put on and take off for washing, thus extending the lifespan of your mattress by keeping it fresh and hygienic.

do you put a sheet over a cooling mattress pad

Did you know that our mattress pads are designed to keep you cool and sweat-free?


Following the pad, apply a mattress protector This thin layer is pivotal for shielding your mattress and pad from allergens, dust mites, and potential liquid spills. Its waterproof properties keep unwanted moisture at bay, preserving the integrity and hygiene of your bed.

Unlike pads, protectors (like our organic waterproof mattress protector) don't add cushioning but are instrumental in maintaining a clean, allergen-free sleep environment.

Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet is the next layer, snugly covering the mattress protector, pad, and topper, providing a clean and soft surface to sleep on. It's tailored with elastic corners ensuring a secure fit over the mattress and other underlying layers.

This is where our fitted sheets shine. Both our queen size fitted sheet and king size fitted sheet offer a full-circumference elastic for a better hold!

Besides adding comfort, a fitted sheet acts as a barrier against dirt and sweat, making it a crucial part of maintaining a clean sleep environment.

Based on our observations, it's advisable to choose a fitted sheet with deep pockets if you have multiple layers like a topper and pad on your mattress, ensuring it stays in place throughout the night.

do you put a fitted sheet over a mattress pad

Flat Sheet

Following the fitted sheet, a flat sheet is laid. It aids in keeping the blankets or duvet fresh and offers a level of comfort, helps in temperature regulation by providing an extra layer during colder nights, and can be aesthetically pleasing, adding to the overall look of your bed.

Our flat sheets are an effortless way to prolong the intervals between washing your blankets or duvet, saving both time and energy. Our sateen sheet set, purple bed sheet set, and twin bed sheets set have a flat sheet included!


As the final layer, blankets provide the necessary warmth and coziness. They come in various materials and weights to cater to different seasonal needs, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience.

Selecting a blanket that complements the rest of your bedding, both in comfort and aesthetics, rounds off your bed setup, making it inviting and conducive for a restful night's sleep.

What's your preference, a cuddly knitted weighted blanket or an all-season cotton thermal blanket?

weighted chunky knit blanket


There you have it! Sheets do, in fact, go over mattress toppers.

But, as we've come to learn, there's more to it than that: from placing a topper for added cushioning and a pad for protection to laying sheets and blankets for a clean and cozy sleep environment, the right bedding order is crucial for preserving the mattress underneath and keeping you comfortable.

At California Design Den, we offer quality sheets, toppers, pads, and the like, which can complement this setup to enhance your sleep experience. Explore our range today to find the perfect sheets for your bedding arrangement!

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