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Article: What Are the Warmest Sheets?

what are the warmest sheets

What Are the Warmest Sheets?

When the icy grip of winter has you, it’s tempting to reach for flannel sheets. While this may have been the solution in times gone by, it’s no longer the best approach. 

A better understanding of natural fibers, how different fabrics work, and the body’s reaction to temperature have taught us the best way to stay warm. This knowledge applies to bed sheets just as it does to clothes. 

As a company devoted to luxurious and comfortable bed linens, we understand the value of a good night’s sleep, and we know that when the winter chill sets in, it’s tempting to stay in bed that little bit longer. If your bed is warm and cozy, why not? But what are the warmest sheets?

Join us in discussing the warmest sheets and what makes them so special. We’ll get your bedroom ready for the cold, in comfort and style. 

What this article covers:

Warm Bed Sheets for Winter

When you’re wrapped up in soft bed sheets, you feel snug and protected, and if you’re looking for the softest sheets ever, we’ve got you covered. Or perhaps we should say, our sheets will have you covered: in ultra-soft and silky warmth. 

warm bed sheets for winter

What makes a bed sheet great for the winter? It needs to be made of the right materials, must have the right weight, and also meet your body’s need for comfort while sleeping. Bearing all of this in mind, these are your best options for warm bed sheets. 

Pure Cotton

Cotton sheets are the best bed sheets for hot weather and cold weather! How is this possible? The amazing thing about natural materials like organic cotton is that they’re comfortable, absorbent, moisture-wicking, and also great regulators of temperature.

Cotton keeps you cool in the heat of summer, but also warm in the cold of winter. This makes cotton sheets the best bed sheets for hot sleepers. If you tend to get very warm while sleeping or are going through menopause and the dreaded night sweats, you’ll learn to love cotton sheets.

warm bed sheets for winters

You’ll never feel sweaty or uncomfortable in pure cotton. It’s the ultimate versatile natural fiber for bedsheets, or any other fabric item close to your skin. Whether you need king or queen size-sheets for the master bedroom or twin-size bed sheets for the kids’ rooms, we’ve got what you need.

Now the whole family can sleep under hotel-quality warm sheets that are as soft and natural as they are luxurious.

High Thread Count

High thread count sheets are the thickest bed sheets as they contain more threads per square inch woven into the fabric. 

Although they have more weight and therefore more warmth, our high thread count bed sheets are made of pure cotton. That means they retain moisture-wicking properties to prevent you from getting too sweaty.

best winter sheets

Remember, perspiring is the body’s natural cooldown system. You don’t want to interfere with this biological process. You just want to stay comfortable through it. That’s how cooling sheets work

You’ll be warm and snug with our high thread count cotton sheets, but you won’t overheat. This is good news as overheating is bad for your health and bad for your quality of sleep. You don’t have to worry about the expense of Egyptian cotton high-thread-count sheets, either. 

Our thread counts may sometimes be high, but our prices are always reasonable. That’s just another way that we make quality living accessible for everyone. Choose from lightweight 400 and 500 counts to thick and luxe 800 or 1000 counts. The choice is yours. 


What are the warmest sheets that aren’t cotton? 

Do you want the moisture-wicking properties of natural fibers with the flexibility and strength of man-made materials? Then we have the ideal bed sheet product for you. Our bamboo rayon bed sheets will keep you as warm, toasty, and comfortable as cotton.  

best sheets for cold weather

They’re hypoallergenic and thus suitable for people who would normally have a sensitivity to natural fibers. (This sensitivity is more pronounced in people who suffer from contact dermatitis, for whom cotton fibers may be a potential trigger). 

While lightweight and airy, they are also surprisingly cozy for those cold winter nights. Our bamboo bed sheets are available in soft and silky sets in a selection of fashionable colors. So don’t let a cotton allergy prevent you from getting soft, warm bed sheets. Get our bamboo sheets and sleep comfortably again.

Why You Should Pick Cotton Over Flannel for Winter Sheets

Are you looking for the best eco-friendly bed sheets that are also the best sheets and comforters for hot sleepers? Then look no further than cotton! 

If you think flannel sheets are your only option for winter, think again. In the contest for the best winter sheets, cotton sheets beat flannel every time. Here’s why. 

The Trouble With Flannel

You’ve probably heard that flannel sheets are the go-to for winter. In the past, that may have been true. Originally, flannel sheets were made of natural fibers like wool or cotton. They kept people warm in extreme cold, due to their higher weight and fuzzy, napped finish. 

best sheets for winter

This felt fluffy and cozy against the skin, which at first seemed perfect for winter weather. However, their unique weave didn’t always allow the skin to breathe adequately. And this has become even more of a problem in recent times, as flannel sheets are now often made with synthetic fibers. 

Synthetic fibers are always best avoided, especially for bed sheets and pillowcases. Materials like polyester or nylon just don’t allow the skin to breathe as cotton does, nor do they absorb moisture from the skin. 

best winter bed sheets

This is why synthetic materials make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. And if you pile synthetic blankets on top of such sheets, you’re guaranteed to overheat. So, ditch the flannel and synthetic materials and choose cotton to stay warm in winter, instead. 

The Benefits Of Cotton

Cotton is natural, soft, and comfortable. It keeps the heat in during those cold nights, without causing you to overheat. And it keeps you cool while drawing the beads of perspiration away from your skin when you’re feeling too warm.

best bed sheets for winter

Cotton sheets are therefore ideal for both summer and winter. However, you may want to choose the lower thread counts for a lighter-weight bedsheet for summer, and a heavier-weight bed sheet for winter. 

In summer, lying on your cotton queen-size fitted sheet, covered by a single flat sheet and lightweight quilt, may suffice. But in winter, you’ll probably want to add an extra flat sheet, and a winter-weight duvet or comforter.

What About Blankets?

If you need extra warmth, keep your blankets natural, too. We’re as committed to sustainability as you are, so we package them in beautiful eco-friendly packaging. As a bonus, they’re machine-washable and fade-resistant. 

best soft winter sheets

Go for ethically-sourced, pure cotton blankets like our attractive gray throw blankets. They're cozy and warm, and the best natural way to stay snug any time of year. 

Depending on the climate where you live, the spring and summertime don’t necessarily mean hot nights. It can still be a bit cool in the evenings. But if you purchased one of our light blankets for summer, you’ll stay warm without the excess weight of traditional blankets.

A cozy 12 lb weighted blanket will further keep the cold at bay, on even the iciest nights. Hand-knit from 100% pure cotton, these chunky blankets are sure to become a winner in your home. 

Our Pick for Winter Sheets

Our cotton bed sheets are also available in your choice of cotton sateen or cotton percale. 

All cotton bed sheets are great for keeping you cool in the heat or warm in the cold, but percale has a fresh, crisp quality that’s ideal for cooling bed sheets. Cotton sateen, on the other hand, is ideal for all weather conditions.

best warm sheets

While all of the options listed above will keep you warm and cozy, the ideal would be a combination of a pure cotton bedsheet with an 800 or 1000 thread count. This will ensure that your bed sheets are thick and luxe enough for staying warm in winter.

What are the warmest sheets for a very cold winter? Our cotton sateen bed sheet set with a thread count of 1000 is our top pick for winter sheets. 

Our ultra-luxe smooth sateen bed sheet sets are available in various color options like bright white, ivory, light and dark gray as well as light and dark blue. These versatile colors mix and match beautifully with almost any color scheme. 

If, however, you’re one of the few individuals who have a sensitivity to natural fibers, choose bamboo.  Our silky bamboo bed sheet sets will offer warmth and softness that’s gentle on your sensitive skin, in stunning sophisticated hues like silver gray, dark gray, navy, burgundy, ivory, and bright white.

bed sheets for winter


Here at California Design Den, we believe in offering sustainably-produced, eco-friendly bed sheets and bedroom accessories that are luxurious yet affordable. And because everyone has different ideas about what makes a bedroom beautiful, we also offer an extensive range of colors, prints, and finishes.

You don’t have to suffer from sleepless nights because of the cold. We have bed sheets that’ll keep you as warm in the winter as they do cool in the summer. And of course, always comfortable, every night of the year. Get your warm bed sheets today, and enjoy your best night’s sleep ever.   

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