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Article: Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

best 1000 thread count sheets

Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

So, your sheets are looking a little worn and you’re shopping for new ones. But it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the terminology. Bed sizes, sheet styles, fabrics, and even thread counts. You’ve heard that high thread counts are the way to go, but you don’t know which ones are the best!

It can be daunting having to choose the best bed sheets from all the choices available. It raises various questions. What makes 1000 thread count sheets luxurious, can you feel the difference, and which ones should you buy? 

We compiled this review of the best 1000 thread count sheets so you can have the answers to all those questions and more. 

What this article covers:

Best High Thread Count Sheets

So you’ve heard about how sought-after high-thread-count bed sheets are, but do you know what they are? 

Different fabrics not only have different textures but also different ranges of high-quality thread counts. The thread count describes the number of horizontal and vertical threads in any square inch of the fabric. The highest sheet thread count is usually in the region of 1000.

best 800 thread count sheets

Many manufacturers don’t even offer this high a thread count in their bed linens. But there is a wide range of sheet thread count possibilities, and cotton/cotton sateen sheets like the ones here at California Design Den offer the widest range.

What’s a good thread count for soft sheets? Anything from 400 to 1000 is soft and comfortable. It depends on what your specific needs are. Are you a hot sleeper? Do you live in a climate with extreme temperatures? Do you need extra warmth in the winter? These factors will influence your choice. 

But before we get to which thread count is good for your needs, let’s look at some common issues that arise when shopping for the best 1000 thread count sheets.

Don’t Be Fooled

But don’t be fooled by a high thread count in an inferior product. Packing more threads into every square inch is not the key to super soft and silky sheets. Rather, it is a combination of a higher thread count with a good quality cotton thread. 

We Use Only Top-Grade Materials 

Our organic cotton is of the very highest quality, and whichever thread count you choose, you’ll have a comfortable night’s sleep. So, does the 1000 thread count make a difference to your quality of sleep? And what about the weaving method used; does that make a difference, too? It sure does!

best high thread count sheets

It’s All About The Weave

Whether you’re looking for a queen-size fitted sheet or a light blanket for summer, it’s all about the weave. 

Warp and weft are the two factors in weaving that turn threads into fabric. This is where a fabric gets its thread count, as well as its unique textural properties.

The Sateen Sensation

Sateen sheets are constructed using a satin weave, which means that the weft threads lie across four warp threads at a time. Because this allows more vertical threads in the design, it creates a softer, silkier-textured sheet.

That’s why our sateen bed sheets are so popular. They offer the combination of a smooth silken texture with the quality of a high thread count. And they’re available in colors, prints, styles, and thread counts to suit every member of the family. 

Cotton sateen sheets offer the soft feel and lustrous sheen of silk without the expense. It’s durable, easy to care for, and affordable. Little wonder then that so many guesthouses and boutique hotels have started using them for their guests’ rooms.

high thread count bed sheets

What’s Cool About Percale?

If you ask around what thread count is best for crisp sheets, you’re sure to hear that it’s percale. There’s a reason why cotton percale is so popular in hotel rooms. Yes, percale sheets are the reason that you wake up feeling so good after an overnight stay in a top hotel.  

Percale isn’t the name of fabric as many people believe. It is, in fact, the name of the type of weave. It’s a closely woven plain weave known for its matte, cool and crisp finish. 

Percale sheets have a lower thread count because of their weave. Some percales are made of a polycotton blend, but we use only organic cotton for our percale sheets. That’s what makes them the best choice for hot sleepers and very warm climates. 

Are 1000 Thread Count Sheets Good?

Thread counts from 400 to 1000 are all general signs of good quality sheets, but our range of thread counts offers different experiences. 

A lot of this has to do with the weight and the warmth they provide. High-thread-count bed sheets like our 800 or 1000-thread-count cotton sateen sheets are luxuriously thick and plush. The 1000 thread count is the top of our range and the perfect companion at bedtime on those cold winter nights.

high thread count cotton sheets

Are 800 Thread Count Sheets Good?

Our 800-thread count sheets, like the 1000-count, are also heavier and thicker than the rest of the range. They offer luxurious warmth and a buttery-soft feel but are not quite as thick and plush as 1000. 

Also suitable for the icy group of winter, the 800-count will suffice when you don’t like much weight on you. So, if you’re looking for softness, warmth, and an ideal sheet for winter, an 800 thread count will offer that almost as well as a 1000 thread count.

What Lower Thread Counts Are Good For

The higher thread counts like 800 or 1000 are cozy and warm, but you may be wondering what thread count is best for cool sheets. That’s what those lower thread counts are best for. 

While our 600-thread sheets are perfect for year-round or temperate climates, you may find the 400 and 500-thread counts better suited for warm summer evenings. They’re also ideal if you’re a hot sleeper in general. 

high thread count cotton sheet

What About The Price - Isn’t 1000 Thread Count Expensive?

Higher thread-count bed sheets are more expensive than lower thread-count ones. This can be expected, as more thread is used in the weaving process. However, this is often exploited by unscrupulous manufacturers. 

Egyptian Cotton vs Our Organic Cotton

An example of this is the hype around Egyptian Cotton bed sheets. These sheets are usually good quality, but the prices are often outrageous. There’s no perceptible difference between these much-touted sheets and other top-quality organic cotton sheets, except for the price.

Our Promise To You

We believe that everyone should have access to premier quality bed sheets, made of natural materials, and woven with the best techniques. It is this mission that drives us to offer an extensive selection of designer-quality products but without those high-end prices.

People differ in their opinions about which thread count is the softest for sheets. But whichever one you prefer, you’ll find it here. 

1000 thread count sheets

The Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

So, what are the best 1000 thread count sheets? 

Our cotton sateen sheets and sets are popular with people from all walks of life, but all our customers have one thing in common. They’re looking for top-quality sheets that are beautiful, comfortable, and durable. And that’s what you get with every purchase of California Design Den sheets. 

Our 1000 thread count sheets are the ultimate luxury, particularly the Ultra Luxe Smooth Sateen Sheet Set. Available in Queen, king, and Split King sizes, these sheets are soft, smooth, and cozy yet still luxe with a crisp feel. 

800 thread count sheets

The 100% cotton sateen set is available in 6 classic colors that complement every bedroom - bright white, ivory, light gray, dark gray, light blue, or deep blue. It provides elegant style, superb warmth, and of course, a silky feeling against your skin, all at a very competitive price.


Are 1000 thread count sheets worth it? Our answer is yes, they’re worth it if you’re looking for quality, luxury, and warmth. But be sure to get the best 1000 thread count sheets. In our book, that means bed sheets that are designed with the perfect night’s sleep in mind right from the start. 

From the selection of the finest organic cotton to the careful sateen weaving process, our luxury 1000-thread count bed sheets are designed for excellence. Get yours today, and discover what sweet dreams are truly made of. 

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