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Article: What Thread Count Is the Softest for Sheets?

what thread count is the softest for sheets

What Thread Count Is the Softest for Sheets?

Imagine your perfect night's sleep: the temperature is just right, your mattress and pillow provide the ideal support, and you sink into luxurious, soft bed sheets, cradling you into a peaceful slumber. Sadly, many don’t experience the last detail of this scenario simply because of the often-overlooked element of high-quality sheets.  

One of the most important factors in determining sheet quality is the thread count. But what exactly does it mean? What thread count is the softest for sheets?

In this article, we’ll explore the secret behind the softest sheets and help you transform your bed into an oasis of tranquility.

What this article covers:

How Does Thread Count Factor into Sheet Softness?

What are thread counts in sheets? Thread count refers to the number of individual yarns, known as threads, found in one square inch of fabric. The basic formula for determining thread count is adding the number of horizontal (weft) and vertical (warp) threads. Traditionally, a higher thread count is associated with softer, more luxurious sheets. However, the relationship between thread count and softness is not always linear.

is 450 thread count good for sheets

The science behind thread count and sheet softness is complex and can get confusing. Generally speaking, the highest thread counts for sheets are found in Egyptian cotton (over 1000) and Pima cotton (around 500). That said, these higher numbers do not necessarily guarantee softer sheets.

In fact, it has been noted that a lower thread count can often be softer than a higher thread count. Here’s why: oftentimes, manufacturers will twist multiple yarns together to reach a higher thread count. Although this number may seem impressive on paper, it does not necessarily translate into softer sheets. In other words, two threads twisted together can achieve the same level of softness as four threads twisted together.

Therefore, when buying your queen-size deep pocket sheets or twin XL bed sheets, don't be fooled by the number stated on the packaging. This is where quality over quantity comes into play.

are 1800 count sheets good

 Are 450 Thread Count Sheets Soft?

One of the biggest questions in most people's minds is whats a good sheet thread count? Is 450 thread count soft enough for a good night's sleep?

There's a misconception out there that 450 thread count sheets aren’t soft enough. Having a low thread count doesn't mean that the sheets won't be soft. It just means that there are fewer strands of yarn used per square inch. Higher thread count sheets use more yarn, which may make them a bit softer, but that doesn't always mean it's the better option.

The good news is, even a low thread count can still make for a soft and comfortable set of sheets. The key to having comfortable twin bed sheets lies in the quality of the fabric itself. It's not the thread count that matters, but the kind of yarn used to make up the count.

are 1800 thread count sheets good

High-quality, high-thread-count sheets are usually made from long-staple cotton fibers or a blend of those with polyester or other synthetic fabrics. Long staple cotton is tightly woven and has an incredibly soft feel that some people prefer over higher thread counts.

1800 thread count sheets good

The truth is, it's really all about personal preference. The best sheets, like this Luxe Smooth Sateen Solid Sheet Set has a thread count of 600, but it's still incredibly soft and luxurious. This Everyday Soft Sateen Solid Sheet Set has a thread count of just 400, yet it's still incredibly soft and comfortable. Therefore, a low thread count can still be soft, it just depends on the quality of the fabric.

450 thread count sheets can be just as soft and luxurious as higher thread counts, depending on the quality of the fabric used. The key is to find something that feels good to you personally and it doesn't necessarily have to be a high thread count.

450 thread count good for sheets

Are 1800 Thread Count Sheets Soft? 

When you ask what thread count is best for crisp sheets, many people will recommend higher thread counts because they think a higher thread count equals softness. However, when it comes to bedding, it's our understanding that it’s never as simple as that.

When you're shopping for sheets, the number of threads per square inch matters but so does the material and weave used in making them. While 1800 thread count sheets may feel smooth, they might not be the most comfortable or breathable.

The notion that a higher thread count automatically means softer sheets doesn't hold true when it comes to cotton. That's because the threads used in making bedding are much thicker than those used for clothing fabrics and can make the fabric stiffer. In our experience, 1800 thread count sheets usually feel smooth, but they don't necessarily have the same level of softness as a lower thread count sheet.

1800 count sheets good

We’ve found that the weave is vital in determining how comfortable your bedding will be. Percale is a traditional one-over-one-under weave that creates an all-cotton fabric with a crisp, cool feel. Conversely, sateen weaves are more likely to create a softer bedsheet because they use fewer threads and have a shinier finish.

Therefore, when shopping for sheets keep in mind that thread count can be misleading – we strongly recommend you look at the weave and fabric type too. Look for quality assurance seals which usually indicate high-quality sheets made from natural fabrics like cotton. These materials are naturally soft and breathable, so you can rest assured you're getting a comfortable night's sleep.


The best thread count for cool sheets isn't the highest - it's whatever feels best to you. If your goal is a comfortable, breathable sheet that still looks and feels high-end, then a lower thread count may be the way to go. So, when it comes down to it, the softest sheets are ultimately up to personal preference and comfort level.

The bottom line is that any bedsheet with a quality weave and fabric type can be soft, even if it has a lower thread count. Consider your needs and preferences when shopping for sheets, so you get the perfect night's sleep every time.

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